PVL Ignition Systems:

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PVL ignition systems have been designed with performance in mind. Its lightweight rotor reduces the amount of rotating mass on the crank, allowing the engine to reach higher RPM more quickly. By offering a higher output than most original equipment ignitions, the PVL ignition can burn more fuel, thus making more power. This higher kilovolt output, along with the system’s compact design, makes the PVL ignitions an ideal choice for replacement of failed OEM ignitions or as a performance accessory. PVL ignition systems are available for vintage to current model single & twin cylinder 2-stroke engines and small displacement 4-stroke engines. Systems are available in a fixed timing analog version suitable for all displacements, and a digital version for displacements under 200cc, which is programmed with a permanent advance/retard curve designed for uses where there is a lot of ranging in the engine’s RPM, such as in motocross.

The Vital Spark!

This is PVL’s motto since Heinrich Probosch, Hans-Ulrich Vogt and Kurt Loos had the initial idea to fund together a molding shop in 1970. They have brought over thirty years of electronics design and manufacturing experience to the world of single and twin cylinder, 2-stroke engine ignitions. PVL GmbH employs the latest technology in the design, development, and manufacture of their ignition systems. Their technical engineers develop tailor-made ignition systems with the most modern winding and potting devices in order to guarantee high performance energy and correct spark duration at desired ignition timing, These systems integrate material techniques, electromechanics and electronic-engineering for excellent design and function. PVL GmbH maintains a very stringent quality control and closely controlled production schedules.

PVL systems are available in a fixed timing analog version suitable for all displacements, and a digital version, for engines under 200cc, that is programmed with a permanent advance/retard curve for applications where a broad range of the engine’s RPM is being used, such as in motocross. Please call us for information on programmable systems. Now you have the flexibility to select an ignition that will work best for your particular application. Penton Racing Products, Inc. offers applications for mini to open class, vintage to current models of single cylinder and twin cylinder 2-stroke motorcycle engines, as well as small displacement four stroke engines. Penton Racing Products receives basic PVL Electronic ignition components and makes the necessary modifications to fit the different applications. We also offer the analog PVL ignitions for most 2-stroke kart engines in either clockwise or counterclockwise rotations. If you don’t see a certain application, please contact us. Given certain information, we may be able to provide an ignition system for you.