PENTON PRODUCTS extensive experience with ignitions began in 1968 when Penton Imports introduced the legendary Penton motorcycles. Early Pentons were powered by Sachs engines with point ignitions and John Penton improved the performance by upgrading to Motoplat electronic ignitions. Greater performance and the growth of off-road motorcycling created a demand for quality electronic replacement ignitions for all brands. In response, we adapted Motoplat components to fit a wide variety of applications. In the early 90s PVL brand ignitions replaced the Motoplat and in 2004 the Powerdynamo was added. Today, Penton Products is an industry leader in replacement performance ignitions for vintage, historic and modern motorcycles as well as karts and scooters.

PVL ignition systems are designed for performance. The light weight internal rotor provides quicker acceleration and state of the art electronics produce a much higher kilovolt output than original equipment ignitions to produce more horsepower. Bolt-on flywheel weights are available allowing you to fine tune your engines’ low end response. These ignition systems are available for hundreds of vintage and current model single and twin cylinder engines both two- stroke and four-stroke. Systems come in fixed timing Analog versions suitable for all displacements and types of riding. Digital versions are available for the higher performance engines under 200cc. The digital CDI unit is programmed with a permanent advance and retard curve for applications requiring high RPM. PVL ignitions do not provide power for lights.

The Powerdynamo ignition systems are also fully electronic ignitions with an external flywheel capable of delivering up to 40,000 volts to the spark plug. These systems are offered with a standard AC regulator providing up to 100 watts of power for lighting and an optional DC regulator providing up to 180 watts of power for lights, signals, horn and battery charging. Systems are available for a large number of applications including most European and Japanese motorcycles both vintage and modern. When ordering select the model number for your application and specify AC or DC depending on your lighting needs.

Kits include: Rotor or Flywheel, Stator, Coil, CDI, regulator (Powerdynamo only), mounting plate & hardware, rotor puller, Instructions


Rotor weights for PVL ignition systems provide a valuable option to fine tune your engines power delivery. Depending on your riding or driving demands and your riding or driving style you can change the response of your engine in just minutes by changing the overall weight of your ignition rotor.

The stock rotor weighs in at 11 ounces and provides a quick power delivery, great for track racing and small engine displacements that demand the fastest possible engine response.

Larger displacement engines produce more torque and more weight on the rotor will provide a smoother more controllable power.

Riding or driving preferences, offroad, slippery terrain, trail riding and other applications demanding more traction and throttle control are greatly assisted by adding weight on the rotor.

To judge which rotor weight may be right for you, compare the weight of the flywheel you wish to replace (usually between 25-50 ounces), with the 11 ounce PVL rotor. Consider how you use your vehicle and how quickly you want the engine to respond and choose from 10 ounce, 15 ounce or 20 ounces.

Penton Products rotor weights are easy to install and remove for adjustable power anytime. Own more than one weight and take full advantage of this fine tuning option!

Prices are available in the APPLICATION CHART.

About Motoplat brand ignitions.

Motoplat S.A. of Spain manufactured electronic ignitions for a number of European OEM motorcycle applications beginning in the 1960s. Motoplat ceased operations in 1993, and original parts are no longer available. We do have PVL brand upper coils that are designed to work specifically with the Motoplat lower magnetos. Penton Products also offers testing of the Motoplat ignition systems.